A Division within PBU (UK) LTD, with the honour of working on Ministry of Defence (MoD) COMAH Fuel Storage Sites, installing Fuel Pipelines and maintaining Fuel Storage Tanks.

PBU (UK) LTD specialise in Installing, Testing and Maintaining a wide range of pipelines across a variety of international MoD Sites, utilising our Engineers who are fully trained and certified to carry out the full Installation, Testing, Purging, Repairs and Maintenance requirements.

Our expertise within pipeline, above ground storage and terminal technology allows us to combine the technical competencies of our oil and gas pipeline operation and oil and gas pipeline engineering teams. In doing so, we deliver end-to-end, integrated services in response to any given customer requirements.

A pipeline construction project looks much like a moving assembly line.  A large project typically is broken into manageable lengths called “spreads,” and utilises highly specialised and qualified workgroups.  Each spread is composed of various crews, each with its own responsibilities.  As one crew completes its work, the next crew moves into position to complete its piece of the construction process.  Each spread may be 30 miles in length, with the front of the spread clearing the right-of-way and the back of the spread restoring the right-of-way.